Through our partner companies, we are helping some of the Global Pharma Companies with their US FDA/Regulatory compliance and document management for past few years.

On one hand our innovative product like ‘VProtect’ helps shopfloor employees maintain social and safe distance at work, on the other hand, our Pharma Particle Analyser and Medical Image Processing solutions have been a cornerstone for some of the pharma companies.

Our latest POC on IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) helps client to manage Patient Care and Early diagnosis through skin and vision imaging.

Our Offerings


vProtect ‘vProtect – Let’s protect our employees’ is an effective tool to ensure social distance norms are well observed on work floor. This tool offers

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PHARMA PARTICLE ANALYSER In a nutshell, particle analyser identifies, segregates, notifies, and analyses various Active Pharma Ingredients (API) against various parameters like dimensions, weight, ratio,

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PRINTING PROOFCHECK Clients –DRDO, Pharma Companies Scope –In the Pharma domain, ensure quality parameters such as colour, text, design, and overall theme are met before, during and

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MEDICAL PRODUCT CONSULTATION • Our knowledge in Healthcare industry along with software expertise enable us to offer precise consultation on end-to-end product development within Medical

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