• Our knowledge in Healthcare industry along with software expertise enable us to offer precise consultation on end-to-end product development within Medical Industry.
• We have delivered complete documentation for healthcare product development from regulations to system, subsystem requirements, validation/test plans, TSOUP, tool validations, publishing formal verification output and impact analysis etc.

• We are experienced in Providing Solutions for High performance computing using GPU, GPGPU using programming languages like Cuda, OpenCL etc. Adept in optimization of algorithms at mathematics, software, and hardware levels
• Use of Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved into Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Healthcare product development cycles, Computer vision, Image processing, mathematical algorithm design, 3D volume rendering and software, and process optimization.

Artificial Intelligence

1. Analyzes data throughout a healthcare system to mine, automate and predict processes.
2. Enhances the quality of automation and intelligent decision-making in primary/ tertiary patient care and public healthcare systems.
3. Ables to connect to a multitude of patient databases and to analyze a complex mixture of data types (e.g. blood pathology, genomics, radiology images, medical history) true transition from IoT to IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

IoMT use cases

a. Patient Care –
Chatbots, Prescription auditing, Pregnancy management, triaging, personalized medicine, Patient data analytics.
b. Medical Imaging & Diagnostic –
Early diagnosis – compare with chronic conditions lab data & other medical data. Vision & Skin imaging and diagnosis. Wound management.
c. R&D –
Drug discovery, Gene analysis.
d. Healthcare management –
Market research, operations, Customer service chatbots, fraud detection, etc.

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