IoT applications development is also called M2M (Machine-to-Machine) app development. This is a system where devices exchange data sans the “human touch”. We offer full-cycle IoT application development and cover all components of an IoT architecture. We handle the development of your IoT-capable software starting from requirements engineering all the way to support and evolution. Also, we provide end-to-end support and application of various IoT platforms.

Home Automation

The IoT based Home Automation enables the user to use a Home Automation System based on Internet of Things (IoT). The modern homes (Smart Homes) are automated through the internet and the home appliances are controlled. The user commands over the internet are communicated via Wi-Fi modems.

• Samsung SmartThings Hub (3rd Gen)
• Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen)
• Logitech Harmony Hub
• Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
• Google Nest Mini: Budget Google hub

Home Automation solutions with strong backbone of MQTT server which can be operated by:
a. Mobile apps (Android / IOS / Flutter) – Connected over IoT
b. Virtual Assistants like Alexa, Google Home – Connected over WiFi/mobile data

Also, this includes features like:
• Mood lighting
• Scheduled appliances – Auto On/OFF timers
• Online / offline implementation
• Guest access
• Voice Commands via Alexa / Google home
• Last but not the least – Parental Control