Our Body Measurement solution in fashion domain applies a set of algorithms to the image to capture 3-dimensional data from a mobile device’s camera. This application captures most accurate dimensions of Chest, Height, Waist and Hips. The target user should wear form-fitting clothes and the colour should be distinct from the background.

Client – A New York based VC backed start-up.

Background –
Laws of Motion, a direct-to-consumer womenswear brand,early 2019 stating its clothing fits 95% of women on the first try.The company uses machine learning algorithms to match customers with 144″micro-sizes” within sizes 00 through 24.Also, customers take a quiz to determine their personalized fit.
Questions include height and weight, bra size, torso length, and sizing for a favourite pair of jeans. The questionnaire also asks for demographic information like birth date, race, and occupation, which the company states that it is for “algorithm logic and continuous development of micro-sizes” and is not made public.

Get accurate dimensions of customers/users through computer vision technology. Combine it with user information through Ai and ML to allocate a unique size to a particular user.
This would reduce manufacturing wastages during production. Thus the clothing is cost effective while keeping in mind a seamless user experience.

Versatalia Labs along with its partner companies are instrumental in designing the ML and Ai algorithms for

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